Tour Guides by ZanTours in Zanzibar

Tour Guides by ZanTours

Tour Guides by ZanTours in Zanzibar
Tour Guides by ZanTours in Zanzibar
Tour Guides by ZanTours in Zanzibar


Our fix employed tour guides are surely one of the major difference to other tour operators.

Not only that our tour guides are multi lingual, but they are also trained by our company standards. It is crucial for ZanTours to have well trained and well educated guides for your tours on Zanzibar. They are able to explain you the interesting history of our unique island, but also let you be part of our daily life.

The presence of microliths suggests that Zanzibar has been home to humans for at least 20,000 years. Bantu-speakers settled in Zanzibar at the outset of the first millennium. Archaeological finds at Fukuchani show fishing communities from the 6.century CE.

Vasco da Gama’s visit in 1498 marked the beginning of European influence. Zanzibar became in 1504 part of the Portugues Empire and remained as such for almost 2 centuries.

In 1698, Zanzibar came under the influence of the Sultanate of Oman and ended in the revolution of 1964.

These are keystones in Zanzibar’s history, underlining the need of educated tour guides.

Our tour guides speak English, Italian, Spanish, German, French and Hebrew. Furthermore, we have a list of proven freelance guides speaking Russian and Polish.

Not only by law required, it is important for us to have Zanzibarians as tour guides. This ensures our guests first hand information from natives of Zanzibar. As we all best know, you can speak best about your own home, rather than talking about a foreign place.

As a proof of this professional service are all our tour guides registered with ZATOGA, which is the Zanzibar Tour Guide Association.

Contact us, if you would want to explore the island on an excursion with a ZanTours Tour Guide.

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ZanTours Guides

Tour Guides by ZanTours

Tour Guides by ZanTours in Zanzibar
Tour Guides by ZanTours in Zanzibar
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