ZanTours has the opinion, that it is of high importance for travel agents to visit Zanzibar. Above all is Zanzibar a very unique destination. Most importantly, you won’t find a destination like Zanzibar, hence fam trips are necessary.

Thus it is our pleasure to support our partners, whenever they plan educational trips. Subsequently are we familiarizing the agents during these trips with our beautiful destination.

Not only that we show the different regions of the island, but also the different excursions.

The work experience of our management as former travel agency owner helps us. Hence we know the need to match the travel expectations of guests. As conclusion, as travel agents are the ones consulting their guests, it is of utmost importance to educate.

Furthermore customizing of fam trips is important. Every tour operator has a different style, target client and focus. As diverse is our destination, as diverse is the world of tour operator.

Find below a small collection of tour operator we have operated fam trips for:

  • Abercrombie & Kent
  • Audley Travel
  • Alpi Tour
  • Eden Viaggi
  • Kobo Safaris
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Fly Dubai
  • PCO Alliance South Africa
  • Hyatt
  • Jumbo Tours

Furthermore another support we offer for our exclusive hotel partners – media or press trips. In other words, whenever a journalist visits Zanzibar, we provide special rates or complimentary services.

  • Angelika Jakob
  • Florian Kinast

Moreover, in days of social media, also so called Influencer became more and more important. Consequently, we had a couple of partnerships in the past to promote our destination and our company.

Find below some partners:

  • Thejetsetterdiaries
  • Travelmadmum
  • Travelmaddad
  • travelmadfamilies
  • glorygirlfit
  • m44ria
  • liveloudgirl
  • electra_asteria
  • selinajulien
  • gasmarksix
  • thetravelinglions
  • into_africa_dmc
  • Alvarogarnero
  • nl_int

To sum it up, if you are a journalist or a social media influencer, contact us for a partnership.

Fam Trips by ZanTours
Fam Trips by ZanTours
Fam Trips by ZanTours
Fam Trips by ZanTours
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