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Since launch of this department a couple of years back our wedding department has grown into a full operational department. What is the difference between ZanTours Weddings and others? It is very simple, our Wedding Planner. They have access to the entire infrastructure, knowledge, contracts and assets of us, the leading Destination Management Company of Zanzibar. Through our decades of experience in Event Management, we can provide the full services of a Destination Wedding Planner. The department is part of our MICE brand – as your wedding surely deserves to be theE-vent” of your life.

ZanTours Weddings


ZanTours Weddings


ZanTours Weddings


Zanzibar Wedding Planner


ZanTours – Wedding Planner

People would think, what is a wedding planner?! However, brides and grooms would know, that a wedding is not just an ordinary event. It is the event of their lifes and it needs to be organized and arranged to the last detail.

Through our long years of experience here in Zanzibar and Tanzania we have a broad spectrum of reliable supplier for every detail. Often we are even able to provide decor within our own resources as DMC. So no matter, if you have booked and decided for your favorite hotel or venue, the Wedding Planner is the one who brings it all together – to the day of your life!

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Zanzibar – Destination Wedding Hotels

In case you have not decided yet about the hotel BUT the destination Zanzibar, it is our pleasure to suggest you some of our recommended hotels for your destination wedding in Zanzibar. Have a look below:

Zanzibar Weddings from 2 to 50 Guests:
Chuini Beach Lodge
Chuini Zanzibar Beach Lodge

Expansive ocean views and balmy sunsets invite guests to lose themselves in complete tranquility. Located on the very edge of the Unguja Island where the Indian Ocean reaches the shore, Chuini Zanzibar Beach Lodge is the most voguish property to grace Zanzibar’s west coast and the embodiment of a utopian beach escape.

The lodge is set on the west coast of Zanzibar, just a little bit north of Stone Town, and its bungalows are spread out over a 1.5-hectare area, allowing for excellent privacy. Palm trees embellish the grounds and magnificent, panoramic sea views can be soaked in from each unit, a taste of perfection.


ZURI Zanzibar

This beautiful hotel is located in the prime spot of Zanzibar, called Kendwa Beach. Not only that its location is a class of its own, it nestles the 55 units within an incredible outstanding garden and is running an entire spice garden as oasis for the soul.

The entire concept of the hotel is sustainable and luxurious. And with the newest technologies and trends combined with the best materials here in Tanzania, it is a dream. What you hear often from guests is, “we didn’t even want to leave our room”.


Zuri Zanzibar
Luxury Travel Zanzibar - Tulia Zanzibar
Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort

Since opening of this small luxurious resort it is winning award over award. The last award was The Best Luxury Romantic Beach Resort of Africa of The World Luxury Hotel Awards 2018.

With its 16 units only, nestled in a beautiful garden and the only watersides in Zanzibar, it makes your stay in Zanzibar truly to a heaven on earth.

The eye for detail, the outstanding personal customer care and one of the best cuisines of the island let you leave with tears in your eyes!



In Zanbluu discover all this in a space that represents the essence of Zanzibar, its smells, colors and textures, where tradition meets modernity in cozy, representative spaces, and full of charm.

Located on a small cliff with amazing views of the Indian Ocean. It also has a private beach and diving center located just minutes from the hotel. You can access the private or walking or free private beach by hotel shuttle.

As conclusion, a small but hip place to stay during the most important days of your life.


Zanbluu Zanzibar
Zanzibar Queen Hotel
Zanzibar Queen Unique Hotel

Located in Matemwe, on one of the most beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, it is far away from the lively beaches.

It is a medium size hotel with only 30 rooms. However, it gives you all you need for a relaxed stay on our island. From Yoga to excellent cuisine and the personal touch it creates beautiful memories, once you have to leave.

Mnemba Island, our well known atoll is just around the corner, which makes this location pristine for snorkelers and divers.


Fruit and Spice Resort

Nestled between a nature reserve and the sea, Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort Zanzibar is located in Mchangamle. The rooms and villas at the resort offer sea views and the hydrotherapy pool is open to all guests.

It is a beautiful resort, remote in the South of Zanzibar with stunning sea views and a beach club. The location is breathtaking on dark coral rocks, with probably one of the best Spas on the island. Moreover – In Italian hands, be rest assured the food is excellent.


Fruit and Spice
Zanzibar Weddings from 50 to 150 Guests:
Diamonds La Gemma
Diamonds La Gemma dell’Este

Located on the north-western tip of the island and the site of Zanzibar’s most precious beaches, the resort features 138 rooms surrounded in a luxurious tropical environment. Its all inclusive formula, will allow you to enjoy every moment of your holiday without worries, welcomed by our highly qualified staff which will be ready to meet all your needs.

Let yourself be carried by the scents and flavors of Zanzibar and enjoy its lovely sunsets for a vacation that you will remember forever.

And for the special guests for your Zanzibar weddings – let them enjoy our 11 villa concept called Diamonds Star of the East.



Sea Cliff Resort and Spa offers tranquillity, peace and beauty, with accommodation lush tropical scented gardens, sparkling infinity pools, a variety of cuisine and attentive and helpful staff. The lounges, restaurant, bars and recreation area offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. In addition, dinner under the stars and sun downers on the jetty or on your own private balcony?

Nestling on the Northern-West coast of Zanzibar, just twenty-five minutes from the historical magic of Stone Town. Through its set up it provides plenty of venues for your Zanzibar weddings.


Sea Cliff Resort Zanzibar
Dream of Zanzibar
Dream of Zanzibar

With a view of a magnificent sea view and located on one of the longest beaches in Zanzibar, a new dream begins.

Dream of Zanzibar has over 150 rooms, but however also nine restaurants and bars; So you can have lunch at the sushi bar on the beach, then go to the Italian. The next day, head to the Shark Club in the sand and prepare for a sensational night of entertainment with an exotic African or Arabic dinner. In other words – just the perfect place for your Zanzibar Weddings, when you are more than 50 guests.


ZanTours Weddings – E Magazine

If you click on the images below, you will access our wedding e-magazines. Not only you will find information about legislation of marriage certificates, ground handling of your Zanzibar weddings, management of all suppliers. Moreover you will find information about all religious ceremonies, special venues, decor, music, catering and photographers. See some of the latest wedding trends on themes, color palettes, fashion, makeup and hence – get inspired!

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