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Zanzibar is so much more than the famous Spice Tour and our UNESCO protected Stone Town. ZanTours Adventures is our brand to show you what others people will never experience. You want to see?

Our precious gem Zanzibar offers a lot to people, who are interested in seeing more than the usual guest. However, be aware that all excursions you find in this brand, are very rustic (Tumbatu) or special (Made in Zanzibar). If you are not physically not fit, you shouldn’t do any of these tours. But if you are fit and ready for a new adventure in your collections of travel experience, then choose any of these excursions!

We are always looking for new adventures, 2022 we introduced Made In Zanzibar.

1001 Organic

Made in Zanzibar

We show you 3 Social Enterprises which are doing an amazing job in producing fantastic products in Zanzibar, to export worldwide.



This island grants no access for strangers. If you want to see the first stone buildings of East Africa and experience the very special world of the Watumbatu, this is your tour.

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