PETE TOUR– Rural tales

We start this excursion by touring Pete Village in the South of Zanzibar. Pete is one of the larger villages on Unguja (Zanzibar). Pete means “ring” in Swahili. The village acquired this name from a very fascinating rural legend – one of many you’ll learn about on your tour.

At Pete Village, you’ll visit a cave, the home of a traditional healer, hear the story behind the “Well of Jealousy” and take a ride on an oxcart – how exciting!

Healer - Pete Tour
Oxcart - Pete Tour
Pete Tour - Cave

Experience the traditional day to day life of a Zanzibar village and get a glimpse of the culture, traditions and cuisine. Pete village is a place of wonder – keep your ears and heart open! Finally, you’ll indulge in a delicious Swahili buffet lunch before proceeding to the next part of the tour.

Pete Tour - Young Girl
Pete Tour Healer

Tropical beauty After lunch, we take you to the beautiful Zanzibar Butterfly Centre near Jozani – Chwaka Bay National Park. It contains all species native to Zanzibar. Butterfly farming in Zanzibar requires an intact forest, thus providing an economic incentive to conserve habitats. Zanzibar women from Pete have the rare opportunity to participate, as farming can be carried out at home fitted around childcare and domestic duties. Feed the butterflies and watch them fly close at hand while enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.


Our jungle and our unique monkeys After a further 3-minute drive, you arrive at Jozani National Park. During a guided journey through the forest you will learn about the different species of monkeys, among them those unique to Zanzibar (and yes, without a thumb). After your forest tour and a short hop to the other side of the national park, there is an opportunity to uncover the magical world of the Zanzibari Mangroves. Walking along the wooden trail, you will see thousands of crabs at work under the mangroves; and if you’re lucky you will even be able to hear the mangroves talk. See for yourself…

Jozani Forest
Zanzibar Excursion
Jozani Pete Tour
INCLUDED – During Drive
  • Cold water in the car
  • Lunch – Swahili buffet lunch
  • Private transfer from your hotel
  • Zanzibar is a predominantly Muslim island. Please respect this.
  • Women are asked to cover their knees and shoulders
  • Please ask permission from your guide before taking pictures of people
  • This is a walking tour therefore it is advised to wear comfortable shoes
  • Please pack sunscreen and a hat for the trip
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