ZanTours Adventures Jeep Tour is a self-driving BUT guided tour. You will follow in your own Jeep the leading Jeep. No matter if we drive on the left side, as you follow the leading Jeep, you won’t be confused which side of the road to use. Furthermore, all Jeeps are automatic gear. After your transfer from your hotel to the starting point of the Jeep Tour, Mwinyi Mkuu Palace, you will receive a short briefing about the tour and the handling of the car. Places you will visit are: Uzi Island, Bi Khole Ruins and a quarry. However, the order of your stops are depending on the tides and can be changed on the day of your tour.

Find here your sites you will visit:

Jeep Tour – Mwinyi Mkuu PALACE

This is the start and the end of your Jeep Tour. After a short briefing you will dive into the old history of mystical Zanzibar.

Before the arrival of the Omani Arabs, Zanzibar was ruled by Shirazi. The Shirazi people, also known as Mbwera, are an ethnic group inhabiting the Swahili coast and the nearby Indian ocean islands. Their origins are linked to Shiraz and the southwestern coastal region of Persia (now Iran). The Shirazi are notable for helping spread Islam on the Swahili Coast, their role in the establishment of the local Arab-Swahili sultanates, their influence in the development of the Swahili language, and the wealth they accumulated from trading commodities and Bantu-speaking African slaves. The East African coastal area and the nearby islands served as their commercial base

Dunga Palace is the home of the last king of the Shirazi by name Chief Mwinyi Mkuu Ahmed bin Mohamed Hassan who lived for a short while in this Palace. He died in 1865; his only son was ill and did not long survive. With the boy the line died out and the Palace was left to crumble. Between 1910 and 1914 some excavations uncovered human skeletons and a set of carved wooden ceremonial drums within the ruins.

Mwinyi Mkuu Palace
Mwinyi Mkuu
Jeep Tour
Jeep Tour
Jeep Tour – Uzi Island

Uzi Island is one of the biggest islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago and can only be reached by car. Let alone, the road which connects Unguja with Uzi is a man-made coral rock road and only accessible by low tide. It is a special experience to drive on this road while crossing the beautiful mangrove forest. You need to be careful with pedestrians and other cars, because this road is an adventure.

Arrived on Uzi Island you visit a beautiful coconut palm tree farm and of course a fresh cut coconut to drink. Your way continues then to a huge Baobab tree where the people from Uzi Island are producing honey. Notably, it is one of the very few places to see honey production in Zanzibar.

The community in Uzi is not as used to tourist as the community in Unguja. However, ZanTours respects tradition, religion and culture and hence, we support communities we meet or pass during our tour in a sustainable way.

ZanTours - Jeep Tour
ZanTours - Jeep Tour
ZanTours - Jeep Tour
Zanzibar Jeep Tour
Jeep Tour – The Quarry

In fact, the quarry will surely be another big adventure during this day.

Do not be afraid, our Jeeps are technically modified and prepared to go off-road. As sustainable and environmental friendly company it was our highest aim not to have any impact in nature. Although the quarry is of course man made, it is still part our beautiful and always surprising nature of Zanzibar.

Didn’t you always wanted to slide with your car for fun? In this quarry you have the unique opportunity to play in a dusty, powdery environment. We build even an obstacle course to create more excitement.

In case that you are too shy to enjoy the 4×4 experience is our team happy to take you on a ride.

And remember, we have in any case a car mechanic on the tour in case your Jeep needs to get a small service.

Jeep Tour - Quary
ZanTours - Jeep Tour
ZanTours - Jeep Tour
ZanTours - Jeep Tour
Jeep Tour – Mtende Beach

This is one of Zanzibar‘s last secret beaches with an breath taking landscape.

While you will have your lunch here, you will enjoy the magic of this place. Moreover rocks formed like a heart, white sandy cove protected by a high cliff – Mtende Beach could be the location for a movie.

Jeep Tour Bi Khole
ZanTours - Jeep Tour
Jeep Tour Bi Khole
Jeep Tour
  • Drive a Toyota RAV 4 – Driver’s License required
  • Follow our Toyota Hilux guide  – 1 mechanic + 1 English speaking guide
  • See Zanzibar on often unpaved roads – it will get bumpy
  • Eat a fantastic three-course lunch catered by Double Tree Hilton
  • Be in the car for 4 – 5 hours – you’ll be exhausted
  • Enjoy a final tea & coffee break with a refreshing swim
  • Receive a memorable gift – a one of a kind souvenir
  • Kids under 8 years
  • Alcohol during the entire tour


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